We offer a wide range of classes to suit every age & need.  Click on the link &  open the current information/pre-registration form for that class, or contact us for additional information.

(no link? email us for details on any class you are interested in.)

Click on the class name to open the file in .pdf format.  Please email if you require a different format. 

All classes require pre-registration!

Click on the class name to open the file in .pdf format.  Please email if you require a different format. 

All classes require pre-registration!

Puppy K Headstart Class -

New Puppy? Sign up for our October class & help your puppy to get a head start! Good for any puppy under 18 weeks of age! Puppy class helps you to start out on the right paw.  You will be astonished by how much your puppy learns. This is great class for the first time puppy owner AND seasoned owners! Enrollment in Puppy Class includes 2 free ebooks by Dr. Ian Dunbar!


Basic Obedience & Manners -

October registrations are now available.  (Under 18 weeks?  Check out Puppy K & Play!!)  This class is for any dog that needs basic training.  Our skilled staff will help you to teach your dog manners, impulse control, leash walking, stay and much more!


Better than Basic (Prerequisite: Basic Obedience) - Sorry class is full!  Watch for October classes soon!

September Registration now available! A follow up class for owners & dogs that want to improve on the skills learned in Basic Obedience & Manners. Leash walking, stays, no jump greetings & come when called are the main focus of this class.


AKC Beginner Novice plus CDSP Starter Novice -

A 5 week class.  Have fun while you prepare your dog for the AKC Beginner Novice and CDSP Starter Novice titles.  This is a titling class for ALL dogs - mixed breeds welcome!  (Prerequisite: Better than Basic Obedience & Instructor Approval)


AKC Novice, CDSP Novice -

A 5 week class. Have fun while you prepare your dog for the AKC  Novice,  and CDSP Novice.  This is a titling class for ALL dogs - mixed breeds welcome!  (Prerequisite: Better than Basic Obedience & Instructor Approval)


AKC Rally -

A 5 week class.  June info available (email to join the wait list for this class) This is a fun class for dogs & owners alike. Join the fun as you learn the AKC Rally signs!  Owner & dog move through courses at their own pace,  very similar to rally-style auto racing. (You must be instructor approved for this class)


Competition Level Class - 

5 Week class starts in October - Wednesday AM or Thursday PM class!  Drop Ins may be available - email for info! This class may be divided into 2 sections, depending upon enrollment.  Novice for those working towards their AKC Companion Dog (CD) Title,  Open/Utility for those working on their Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) and/or UtilityDog (UD)  titles.  Very advanced training - students must be instructor approved.

Breed Handling -

September registration now available - get ready for shows! Prepares handlers and their up & coming Champions for the world of dog shows.  Learn how to show your dog to his best advantage & what to expect when you get in the ring.


K9 Nosework/AKC Scentwork - Class starts Sunday,  October 17!

Email us if you are interested in joining a K9 Nosework class!  These classes fill quickly! This fun course will use your dog's natural scenting ability.  If your dog has a nose, they can participate. There are no obedience pre-requisites, but your dog does have to be able to be crated  (please bring your own crate with cover) or stay quietly in your car while other dogs take their turns.


Agility FUN-damentals - 

Learn the basics of how to begin Agility training with your dog.  This class will help you learn how to start on the right foot (paw) with your canine partner.  Good for dogs of all ages.  Very helpful to teach control, direction and teamwork!  Dogs MUST have a minimum of Top Notch “Better than Basic”, be able to work off leash in a controlled environment & be approved to enter this limited enrollment class.

Special Events Check here for new additions to our schedule, exciting seminars and MORE!


Private Sessions & Behavior Counseling -

Are you having problems with your dog that you don't feel classes will address?  Private training & Behavior Counseling is available in your home with Pat Tetrault.  Call or email for details.  845-592-1688  email: TopNotchDogs@optonline.net 

Are you having issues with resource guarding?  Aggression towards dogs or people?  Reactivity to dogs?  These issues can be very scary for owners, and we are seeing them more often with the influx of poorly socialized dogs.  Our recommendation is to contact a Veterinary Behaviorist for help with these issues.  We are lucky that there is an entire Behavior Team that services the Hudson Valley.  Don't let the name fool you - they are available to consult with you locally.


Behavior Vets NYC  - click on the name or call them at 646.661.1001

At Top Notch, we believe that one should always try new things,

so check back often to see what we are offering next!



Classes listed below are not on our current schedule - email for information on when they may be offered!


AKC Canine Good Citizen Class - 

Next class - Early 2022! A Limited Enrollment class! This 5 week class is designed to prepare you & your dog for the AKC Canine Good Citizen test. Testing included in cost of class.


Dogs will work to earn their AKC Trick Dog titles.Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?  This class is designed to teach the skills your dog will need to earn the AKC Trick Dog titles -   (TKN, TKI, TKA, TKP).  You will test the last night of class.


Loose Leash Walking - 

This mini class will teach you how to keep your dog from dragging you down the road and back. Limited enrollment - don't miss out! (Coming summer 2021)


AKC Community Canine Class (CGC-A) - 

Limited Enrollment!A 5 week class to prepare you & your dog for the AKC Community Canine (CGC - A) test.  Testing included in cost of class. (Dogs must have CGC Title to participate)


Therapy Dog Prep Class -

VERY Limited enrollment!This class prepares the dog & handler team for the Therapy Dog International Certification Test.


First Aid for Pets -

Learn how to care for your dog in an emergency, and how to tell when to take your loyal friend to the veterinarian.